COHESIVELY ENHANCING CAPACITY OF ASEAN COMMUNITY STATISTICAL SYSTEM TO BE MORE RESPONSIVE TO GREATER DATA NEEDS                                                                                                                                                                           CELEBRATING 10 YEARS OF THE ASEAN COMMUNITY STATISTICAL SYSTEM



The 34th meeting of the Working Group on International Investment Statistics (WGIIS) was held on 7-8 July 2020 via video conference. The meeting was chaired by the National Bank of Cambodia (NBC) with the participation of WGIIS members from ASEAN Member States (AMSs).

At the meeting, AMSs discussed and agreed the followings:

On the implementation of self-assessment on ASEAN Code of Practice (CoP) through the use of the snapshot tool: After the first round of assessment conducted in 2016, WGIIS proposed to revise a number of assessment measures to get more relevant, more specific and exploitable information, at the same time, improve the ability to use quantitative indicators. In 2020, WGIIS has started to use the new measures for self-assessment on the CoP Section B (statistical process) and C (statistical outputs).

About the submission of data on FDI, all AMSs have submitted data on FDI inward flows so far. AMSs agreed to submit data on FDI inward stock starting from 2014, and so far seven AMSs have submitted this data. As for FDI outward stock, four AMSs have provided data to ASEANstats. Therefore, the meeting agreed to further strengthen the provision of statistics on FDI inward and outward stock.

To ensure the quality of FDI statistics, WGIIS agreed to keep the conduct of methodological study in their work plan. However, its implementation should consider carefully the confidentiality issues in some AMS.

Regarding the enhancement of capacity for compiling FDI statistics, WGIIS members provided information on the needs and capacities/expertises in their respective countries. This is to support the implementation of ASEAN-Help-ASEAN initiative for ASEAN Community Statistical System (ACSS) capacity building, particularly in FDI statistics.