COHESIVELY ENHANCING CAPACITY OF ASEAN COMMUNITY STATISTICAL SYSTEM TO BE MORE RESPONSIVE TO GREATER DATA NEEDS                                                                                                                                                                           CELEBRATING 10 YEARS OF THE ASEAN COMMUNITY STATISTICAL SYSTEM


Introduction on Vietnamese tourism

In 1981, Vietnamese tourism became a member of the World Tourism Organization (WTO). In 1989, it was the member of the Pacific Asia Tourism Association (PATA). With the policy on bringing tourism as an important economic industry of the country's general economic structure, the Vietnamese Government has already approved the general plan of national tourist development. International cooperation, promotion and advertisement on tourism are highlighted. Vietnam has signed 12 tourism cooperation agreements with Southeast Asian nations, China, France, Uzbekistan, Israel and some others in the future. Many Vietnamese tourist enterprises have been participating in PATA, JATA, ASTA and having business relations with 800 business partners from over 50 countries. There are more than 80 international travel companies operating nationwide. Quantity and quality of hotels in several recent years have been considerably improved. In order to meet the increasing demand of visitors, the Vietnamese tourism has already mobilized internal and external resources to develop technical infrastructure, especially hotels and restaurants to serve 8.9 million international visitors and 25 million domestic tourists. Many tourism cooperation projects with foreign partners are still implemented.

World heritage sites

Hạ Long Bay

Hue Ancient Capital

Hoi An ancient town

Mỹ Sơn Holy Land

Phong Nha Cave-Kẻ Bàng