COHESIVELY ENHANCING CAPACITY OF ASEAN COMMUNITY STATISTICAL SYSTEM TO BE MORE RESPONSIVE TO GREATER DATA NEEDS                                                                                                                                                                           CELEBRATING 10 YEARS OF THE ASEAN COMMUNITY STATISTICAL SYSTEM

Congratulations civil servants, official, and employees of the Vietnam Statistics system







Ha Noi, 13th October 2020

No: 291/LĐCP



On the occasion of the World Statistics Day, on behalf of the Government, I would like to extend my warmest greetings and best wishes to the generations of leaders, civil servants, officials and employees of the Viet Nam Statistics System.

The Government and Prime Minister recognize and highly appreciate the great contributions of the Statistics System to the innovation and development of the country. The Statistics System has constantly strived and overcome difficulties and challenges to excellently fulfill its missions, especially in providing timely and adequate socio-economic statistical information to serve the Party and State, authorities at all levels and sectors for assessment and forecast of the situation, planning of strategies, formulation of policies, management and governance of socio-economic development from the central to local levels, which significantly contributes to build a Government of integrity and action to serve the people and businesses. The Statistics System has promoted the application of information technology, better met the statistical information requirements of all people and applied international statistical standards; particularly, you all impressively implement the tasks of the year of ASEAN Chairmanship in Statistics.

In the coming time, the tasks of the Statistics System are very challenging. I expect and strongly believe that with theextensive experience, good tradition and achieved accomplishments, the leaders, civil servants, officials and employees of the Statistics System unanimously work together, constantly innovate, strive to overcome difficulties, innovate methods and modalities in line with international standards and specific conditions of Viet Nam; taking the leading role in the application of information technology; improving professional ethics and qualifications, especially in collection, aggregation, compilation and dissemination of high quality, impartial, objective, accurate, adequate, timely, transparent statistical information, to better serve the leadership, direction, governance and management of the Party, State, authorities of all levels, sectors, business community, the people and the society in the spirit of the World Statistics Day: “Better data, better life”.

I wish the Viet Nam Statistics System to constantly develop and wish all leaders, civil servants, officials and employees of the Statistics System good health, happiness and success!