COHESIVELY ENHANCING CAPACITY OF ASEAN COMMUNITY STATISTICAL SYSTEM TO BE MORE RESPONSIVE TO GREATER DATA NEEDS                                                                                                                                                                           CELEBRATING 10 YEARS OF THE ASEAN COMMUNITY STATISTICAL SYSTEM

High Level Forum on ASEAN Community Statistical System (ACSS) and Viet Nam Statistical System Online, 10 December 2020

On the morning of December 10th, 2020, the General Statistics Office of Viet Nam collaborated the Statistics Division (ASEANstats) to hold the "High-Level Forum on the ASEAN Community Statistics System and the Vietnam Statistical System" at the GSO office building and by online form with international bridge points. Mr. Tran Quoc Phuong - Deputy Minister of Planning and Investment gave the opening speech of the Forum. Followed by opening speeches by Mr. Michael Tene - Deputy Secretary-General of ASEAN and Mr. Igor Driesmans - Delegation of European Union to Indonesia and Brunei  Darussalam.

In addition to the delegates who attended The 10th Session of the ASEAN Community Statistical System Committee on December 9th, 2020, the forum today has more representatives from ministries, branches, international organizations and development partners of Vietnam.

At the Forum, the Statistics Division (ASEANstats) together with the Statistics Office of the ASEAN member countries introduced to all video graphics about the ASEAN Community Statistics System (ACSS) and other statistical topics.

The high-level forum focused on two main areas, including regional statistical production and the use of statistics in the ASEAN region. Representatives of the ASEAN Statistics Division, Thailand Statistical Office, General Statistics Office of Viet Nam and Vietnam's Ministries and agencies gave presentations on the following topics: Cooperation and coordination at Regional Level, Showcase of cooperation and coordination at National Level, Viet Nam’s integration into the ASEAN Statistical Community, Statistical activities of the State Bank of Viet Nam in the field of FDI, Expectations in Statistics from the Press, Use of statistics in University and research, Statistical Activities of the General Department of Viet Nam Customs in the field of IMTS.

At the end of the Forum, Ms. Nguyen Thi Huong - Director General of the General Statistics Office of Viet Nam made a concluding speech and closed.